Thorough Garage Door Repair & Maintenance in Covina, California

Superior Garage Door, Inc. in Covina, California, recommends and provides thorough garage door repair and maintenance services. We work with all makes and models of garage doors and operators. All parts needed for a wide variety of doors and operators are in stock. You’ll find that our staff is very professional, courteous, and prompt. We’re here to help get your door back in operation! All of our services include inspection and lubrication of all pivot points.

Check List For Garage Doors

1. Check & Lubricate All Pivot Points
2. Check Condition & Age of Springs
3. Check All Supporting Hardware (Lock Assembly, Handle, Bumpers, Etc.)
4. Check & Adjust Door Balance
5. Check Door Condition & Operation
6. Check All Nuts & Bolts

Checklist for Door Opener

1. Check Condition & Tightness of All Nuts & Bolts
2. Check Operation of Opener & Lubricate
3. Check Reversing Feature
4. Check Secondary Safety Features
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